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The Book of General Ignorance
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    The Book of General Ignorance is the first in a series of books based on the final round in the intellectual British panel game QI, written by series-creator John Lloyd and head-researcher John Mitchinson, to help spread the QI philosophy of curiosity to the reading public.
    It is a trivia book, aiming to address and correct the comprehensive and humiliating catalogue of all the misconceptions, mistakes and misunderstandings in 'common knowledge'—it is therefore known not as a 'General Knowledge' book, but as 'General Ignorance'.
    As well as correcting these "all-too-common" mistakes, the book attempts to explain how the errors have been perpetuated, and why people believe incorrect 'facts' to be true.
    [The Old Kunnel has long claimed a vast knowledge of trivia. I stand corrected by this tome that I could not put down (literally!) until I correct my own mistaken trivia. Highly recommended reading.]
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